Why Are Food Addictions Hard To Break?

  Written by Lisa Brown   After my Doctors appointment my world turned upside down. No more sugar, dairy, breads, pasta, rice, pork, caffeine, and nuts (except almonds). This means no more fruit, chocolate, cookies, ice-cream, milk and honey nut cheerios. No more coffee.   No more cheese or pizza.   Why such a strict diet... Continue Reading →

Filling Up My Belly By Trusting God

  As we prepare for our upcoming series, Lisa is sharing more of her story today on her blog. I am including a preview below. Please be sure to visit her at "Me Too Moments for Moms."  [separator top="25" bottom="25" style="shadow"]     “Every time I climb on to a plane, I hand over the... Continue Reading →

Trading In My Shame For God’s Mercies

Lisa Brown is married, has a six-year-old boy and five-year-old girl.  She and her family love to go for drives in the Colorado Rocky Mountains not far from where they live. Together they are a home school, fun-loving, God-seeking family. Lisa is our co-host in the upcoming series regarding Self-Esteem and Food-Related Issues. You can find her blogging over... Continue Reading →

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