God Calm My Anxious Heart (by Beth Walker)


Written by Beth Walker

Anxious according to Webster includes synonyms nervous, worried and uptight.  Antonyms include calm and relaxed.  The interesting thing about being anxious is that it is possible to be worried about something, at the same time outwardly having a calm demeanor.  Many days, that is the very scenario I found myself in.

May of 2013 our family moved to the Appalachian Mountains.  My husband is a college football coach and moving is common.  This move was filled with joy, hope and excitement.  At the same time, it was a whirlwind.  My husband (as many coaches do) moved in a week.  We followed 6 weeks later.  Packing up the house we had lived in for 10 years so quickly could have felt overwhelming, but truthfully, God blessed us with incredible peace.

Our path was clearly revealed, and that entire summer overflowed with scenarios where we watched as God answered prayers.  The one prayer still hanging…

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Meet Beth



Beth Walker is a coach’s wife and mom of 2 energetic boys.  Having grown up in the suburbs of Chicago the adventure of being married to a college football coach has allowed Beth to live in different areas of the country including the middle of a cornfield in Southern IL and most recently the amazing mountains of Southwest Virginia.  Beth has been blogging over at Lessons from the Sidelines, where she has been striving to finding her own voice both through personal life reflection and her ministry of serving the girls of Bluefield College as the leader of Women’s Ministries called Pursuit.  Her husband Ordell is currently the head football coach of the Bluefield College Rams.

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