What Would Happen If We Faced Fear In Love?

Written by Lisa Brown


Worry takes up space in my head.  I run like a scared cat or I obey its commands.  What would happen if I faced my fear in love?


I live in a state where the mountain lion roam. Colorado is a beautiful place to live with trails for hikers to explore the Rockies.  At every trail head is a sign that warns travelers’ to not run if they spot a lion. Instead stand tall on your toes and slowly raise your hands above your head.  Do not look in lions eyes.  Warning if you run the lion will attack.


When we run from fear we wear ourselves out.   I live life feeling exhausted.  I let fear run me down.


In my sixty gallon fish tank I have a cool looking blue fish who is very territorial and spends his days chasing fish who are fearful of him.  I have a few fish who will not swim away from him. They will face my blue fish and be still.  He swims away.


We can’t make anxiety go away.  We have to face it.  When I acknowledge that fear is near it becomes a non – issue.   I take note as to what it has to say and I choose if I am going to ruin my day or not.   When I do this it allows me to live life.  I am work in progress with this one.


When my blue fish chases after my cat fish that is way bigger, the catfish will stop what he is doing and go after him.  Apparently the blue fish thinks this fun because he keeps initiating tag.  Catfish gets angry and if he wants to rest he hides under the rocks.


Anxiety likes to play tag.  It wants to be chased…

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