Consider Beautiful – Without Comparison

There is pressure to be perfect. I strive to do my best – but I am not perfect. And it hurts when I feel I have failed.


I am too hard on myself.


I tend to compare myself to others, and when I do I put myself in an unfair and unrealistic competition. This competition is only in my mind. And what happens? I feel inadequate, not good enough, and/or not pretty enough.


I become depressed.


My emotions too often dictate how well I take care of myself. I frustrate myself, because I know I should take better care of myself. I should eat well, and I should eat foods that will be helpful for my body.


I think the number on the scale should be a different number, a lower number. But why? Technically, the number is supposedly in the “appropriate” range for my height and age.


My body is changing. It is supposed to change. I am getting a little older. And I am a mother now.


Why is it so hard to focus on the health of my body, rather than just what my body looks like?


I don’t weigh myself anymore. I was obsessed about the number. If the number went down, that only made me want to lose more. If the number was higher, then I became depressed and wondered what I did wrong.


And when I am depressed, I will often binge on junk food and sweets.


I am a work in progress.


We mean well and we try to uplift each other. But it seems so cliché to tell someone that they shouldn’t be worried about outward beauty –when the world tells us that is all that matters.


It is hard to tune out all the voices in the world telling us all the things we must do to be beautiful to the world’s standards.


But it is true. God doesn’t look on the outward appearance like we do (Reference 1 Samuel 16:7). The Lord doesn’t see things the way we see them. He knows the heart, and He warns us that this is where our concern should be (Reference Matthew 23: 25-28). There really is no point dressing up the outside of us if we don’t care about what is inside our heart.


Lord, help me to see through Your eyes.


And again I will say – I am a work in progress.


If you didn’t have the world influencing you, what would you consider beautiful?

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5 thoughts on “Consider Beautiful – Without Comparison

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  1. it is so hard, isn’t it ? Because the world is constantly telling us what beauty is, and we have to learn to see things a different way. We have to remember the world changes its mind regularly, and the world calls us to the impossible, to things the Lord does not call us to. Thanks for sharing this vulnerable post. These are important things to discuss and work through! #RaRaLinkup

    1. Angela,

      Thanks for commenting and for the encouragement. Transforming our minds really is quite a process. Thank God for His patience.


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