God Calm My Anxious Heart – Upcoming Blog Series


How does God bring peace to you in moments of anxiety? What truths do you hold on to when you feel worried or fearful?


“I’m an anxious Mom who is overcoming worry and fear.  I’m clinging to God to calm my anxious heart.  I turn into a Momma Bear when I fret over my children and my roar is not a pretty sight.  I’m dedicated to change and become a Momma Bear that stands in confidence for myself and my children.  In the next several weeks I will be sharing more about this with you all.”  Lisa

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We would like to invite you to write with us.

We would love to hear your story.


We all struggle with feeling anxious. Some have panic attacks. For many, anxiety requires professional help. There is social anxiety, phobia, obsessive and compulsive behaviors that are all related to anxiety.


Anxiety can keep us from living in the freedom of peace and joy. It can hold us back from being all God calls us to be. It can isolate and lead to loneliness.


Starting In August of 2015, three bloggers will come together to host stories from writers who are willing to share their battle with anxiety.

We are looking for stories where writers focus on the goodness of God.


We need writers who are willing to be honest about their struggle and desire to encourage others to find hope in God.


If you have a story to share please email connect@vision61.com for more information. Please let us know if you are planning to join us by June 25th.


We are asking all writers to submit their final posts to be published by July 20th.


After we receive your email we will send you detailed information in regards to our series.


We ask that all submissions be less than 800 words on attached Word Document.Please don’t send us older blogs. Include bio with a picture and links to connect with you. Share something about your website and blog. Include any publish work you have done.


Please Note

This is a volunteer writing opportunity. Writing must be about YOU, YOUR STORY, Testimony, and relationship with God. Our Focus is to Glorify God and Jesus Christ.

Please don’t preach, leave advice, or lecture.


We will post one story a week on three Blogs. And we ask that every writer provide a preview on their blog sending their readers to us.


After July the 20th we will send you a schedule with the day your post will be published.


Tentatively the plan is to Post either on Mondays or Tuesdays.


End of July through the beginning of August we will be announcing series to our readers. Please consider helping us make announcements.

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Blog Series Hosts

Lisa Brown from Me Too Moments For Moms

“Moms living together in community.” Lisa has founded more than a community – she is building friendships and a safe place for women to network and talk about some very hard issues.


Mandy from Suburban Stereo Type 

Mandy has an eBook – called The Anxious Mom” and it’s her journey through scripture to learn how to deal with the fear and anxiety about her kids. It’s a FREE download, which you can find by following this link:  http://bit.ly/1CJeWa1

We will be sharing this eBook with our readers throughout the series and your contributions to help promote would be appreciated.


And myself from our very own Vision61 Ministries


Help us spread the word…

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Please visit all of the hosts’ sites. You are welcome to contact any of us to get more information about this series. We look forward to hearing from you.


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