Writers Needed for New Blog Series (self-esteem & food-related issues)



Most of us here know personally the feeling of brokenness. Whether this is something we have dealt with in the past and overcame, or something that we are still battling.


One major struggle of so many people involves issues with food. Whether overeating, binging and purging, or not eating at all. Often our eating habits and struggles are related to our emotions, how we feel about ourselves or how others have made us feel.


Sometimes it is difficult to hear God’s truth amongst all of the noise and lies that the enemy sends our way.


But we are a community of support, encouragement and hope. We are here to remind each other of God’s love, mercy, grace and truth. As we share our stories and testimonies, we share this hope with others.


Our stories are all different. Maybe you are an overcomer. Or maybe you are still struggling, but in the midst of your fight you are seeing God work in your life. Your story matters. Others need to know that they are not alone. Your story can bring hope and strength to others.


What the enemy has meant for destruction, God can turn around and use to His glory!


If you would consider sharing your story as part of this series (or if you have questions), please email me at: connect@vision61.com , and I will send you more information. Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you.

The estimated start date for the series will be sometime in May or June.

(Tentative submission date will probably be due first or second week in May.)

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5 thoughts on “Writers Needed for New Blog Series (self-esteem & food-related issues)

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  1. As hard as it is to share – I look forward to writing about my struggle. But most importantly I feel blessed that we serve a God who is big enough to move mountains out of our way or help us climb to the highest peak. God doesn’t leave us in our valley of shadow and death. And that my friends is what I look forward to writing about. Angel I look forward to hosting this series with you and all you Readers who are considering the opportunity to share your story.

    1. Lisa, I agree – it is so hard to share those areas in my life where I am weak. But I am thankful that when I am weak, He is Strong! And His Grace is sufficient!

      I am looking forward to hosting this series with you too. Praying many are blessed and encouraged through everyone’s stories.

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