Fear of Blooming

Today, as part of the series, Beth has shared her story and thoughts about depression.



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“Crazy Chicken Lady. Depression Warrior. Chronic Introvert. Beth Biggers is the lone island of estrogen in her family of four. She married her best friend at the tender age of nineteen. She is the chief entertainment, homeschool teacher, and hiney wiper for two crazy beautiful boys who call her “mom.” Well, one of them calls her mom. The other one calls her “Nar Nar.” No big deal. She abuses ellipses. She tells the truth, sometimes to a fault. She steals library books on accident. When she’s not busy chasing kids, saving lives, or Netflix binging, she uses her Big Girl words to express herself and talk urban homesteading, family, homeschooling, and Jesus-loving on her blog at www.bethbiggers.com “

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Fear Of Blooming


Spring announces itself in the green shoots of new grass and tiny leaves over the crackling browns of winter’s hibernation. Blooms burst forth in purples, pinks, oranges, and yellows. Fruit trees frost over with delicate pink and white flowers. The air gets warmer. The sun assumes a jaunty angle in the sky and the crackle of thunderstorms whisper victory over the death of winter. A seasoned gardener will have mixed emotions at this time of year. Months spent waiting in the grey cold darkness, starving for a hint of green are satisfied with those first new leaves. But the gardener knows the leaves are also fragile and tender. The newness of the blossoms and blooms feed the gardener’s soul, but they know a fear deep down – a sadness which comes from the knowledge of past experience and which robs them of the enjoyment of what they have waited so long for. A freeze is coming. There is always one final frost here in the Texas panhandle, right as Spring really gets it’s training wheels off, which inevitably kills all the delightful blooms on my apricot tree and slays any hope of reaping summer fruit from its branches. These flowers, just like the big and beautiful moments of our lives, are monocarpic: they flower once and then they die. That’s why we are told “Carpe Diem!” Seize the day!


Depression is a Thief. It steals joy, memories, hope, and in the most desperate cases, life…

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