Depression, A Series

I am honored to be invited to be a part of a series that is co-hosted by Lisa of “Me Too Moments For Moms” and Tanya of “God’s Character.” This series will share experiences and testimonies of people who have faced depression or who have cared for and supported others as they have faced depression.




Borrowed from the hosts, here are a few quick notes explaining this series:


“The stories you are about to read come from honest and brave writers. These women and men share their stories to encourage us to be strong in the Lord no matter what we are going through.

Every writer in this series sheds light on how their faith in God has helped them or their loved ones walk through their darkest moments.

It takes courage to be transparent and vulnerable before an audience. For that I want to personally applaud our writers for taking their stories and painting a picture of hope through their words.

No one should have to walk by themselves through any struggle in life. God created us to be in community and to hold one another up.

We are a community of bloggers who share a Me Too Attitude. No one is here to fix anyone. This series is a platform for writers and readers to express what they know about themselves and God.

Each of our writers shares a love story, a story where they have been rescued by a King.”



“There is no one-size fits all when it comes to depression. There are many different causes for depression. Some are circumstantial, hormonal or chemical and as such should be handled differently. Even though the cause of depression might be the same (due to a similar circumstance for example) no two people are the same and should not be approached in that way.

But what is most important to know, is that depression is real and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Being depressed does not make anyone less than.

Being depressed doesn’t mean that you are a failure.

We want to let people know that others have been there and they are not alone in their struggles.”


In the coming weeks, I hope that you will look forward to the stories, previews and links that will be shared here. And I pray that you all will be encouraged through this.

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