Nick’s Testimony

Testimony of God’s restoration and redemptive power. History of rejection and abuse.

Deliverance from drug and alcohol abuse and other reckless life choices.

“The things that the enemy implements in our lives for defeat, God is always able to use for victory, regardless of how the world sees it at the time and regardless of how we see our own circumstances at the time.”

“It may seem like the enemy had me exactly where he wanted me, but I think that it is these traits and characteristics that were developed that made me a tool that God can use to reach out to others.”

“I feel like, looking back, I had chosen everything in the world to fill this hole that I feel like was always there, trying to find out where I belonged and who would love me and why I felt so discarded so many times throughout my life. And I think that God just really knew how stubborn I was, and needed me to see that all these things that I was experiencing in life were not the answer.”

“And through God’s perfect will, my life has been made something that I never could have imagined.”

“…old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” (2 Corinthians 5:17b)

4 thoughts on “Nick’s Testimony

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  1. Nick thank you for being real about your life and sharing God’s unfailing love. I am so glad that I listened to your testimony. God really spoke to me while I was listening to you.
    I pray that your story spreads so others can hear about God. Again , Thank You Nick!

  2. I love you Nick Puckett. You are such an inspiration and a miracle to what God can do. He loves to take what is wrong, and make it right. I am so proud of you. Press on.

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